Chad Taylor

GPS & Innovation

After graduating from high school in Terrace, BC, Mr. Taylor moved to Grande Prairie and joined a construction company where he learned how to operate road building equipment such as scrapers, dozers, graders, and backhoes as well as a variety of forestry equipment. In 2011, Chad joined Willows Construction but after about a year he decided to follow his passion in technology and went to work for a GPS & Software company. However, it didn’t take long until he started to miss the corporate culture at Willows and 8 months after his departure he returned to Willows. He is now the GPS & Technology Specialist performing the role of Supervisor on large and complex earthwork projects. Chad is the technological mastermind of Willows as he is the sole developer and maintainer of our machine controlled Flex GPS system that increases machine and operator ability significantly, therefore increasing efficiencies.

Chad has always liked road construction work and seeing the results at the completion of a project. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors and riding his motorcycle.