2014 Breton Oilmen’s Annual Golf Tournament

For the first time, Willows Construction hosted a hole at the Breton Oilmen’s Annual Golf Tournament. We were told Margaritas had never been served at the golf course, and so we thought that sounded like a challenge worth taking! It was a hot day, perfect for serving up delicious lime Margaritas with sea-salted rims.

“WOW!” was the general reaction we received all day. However, we’re still uncertain if “WOW” was due to our scrumptious beverages, or due to our silly game of luck, or perhaps even due to our heavy usage of Willows’ orange! “Never too much orange!” is definitely Bob Willows’ motto! (Apologies to those who may have gone blind that day from overexposure to orange.Taking your recommendations forward, we will put up proper signage next year such as : “Caution! Proceed with eye protection as may cause blindness. Please proceed with full protective gear”.

In the meantime, if you played the “Lei” game, we now challenge you to “Spot your head” in the following pictures. It is worth mentioning that only 6 people got “lucky” that day and received a lei. Wear them with pride, Gentlemen. Thanks for the laughs and see you in 2015!

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