We have experienced equipment operators and site supervisors who understand the importance of getting a project done on time, on budget and safely. We excel at completing a wide range of projects – small and big.


Some past projects Willows Construction (2001) Ltd. has completed include:

  • Site construction of Keyera Corp.’s Zeta Creek Gas Plant
  • Construction of a Class I cell at SECURE Energy Services Pembina Class I & Class II Landfill
  • Earthwork construction of ATCO Power’s Halfway
  • AB and Dogrib
  • AB Substations
  • Site construction for Full-Service Terminals
  • Risers and Truck Terminals for Pembina Pipelines
  • Plains Midstream and Gibson Energy
  • Residential development site grading and underground services installation for AE Engineering
  • Road upgrades for Conoco Philips
  • Wellsite and Lease construction for various Oil and Gas exploration companies drilling programs including Velvet Energy, ARC Resources, Bellatrix Exploration, Baytex Energy, BP


We operate a complete line up of current, heavy equipment and tractor-trailers including Crawlers, Excavators, Graders, Articulated Rock Trucks, Loaders, Compactors, Body jobs, End dumps, Quad-Wagons, Lowboys and more. This ensures that we complete our customers projects efficiently and effectively. Some of the equipment owned and operated by Willows Construction (2001) Ltd. includes:



Hitachi 160’s, 210’s, 250’s, 290’s, 350’s and 450’s



CAT D3G, D5K, D6N, D6R and D6T LGP P.A.T. ‘s



CAT 160M w/ripper/wing



CAT CS593 84″ Vibratory Padfoot
CAT 815



CAT IT28G w/forks, bucket, mat forks



Crew Trucks, Pilot Trucks, Tandem Tractors/Body Jobs, Tridem Tractors/Body Jobs, Quad Wagons, Tri-Lowbeds, Dump Wagons, 16′ Flat Decks



CAT Skidsteers ( 90 – 100hp), 4×4 ATV’s, Skidoo’s, Riverboat, Water Pumps, Job Trailers, GPS Grade Control Equipment


At Willows Construction (2001) Ltd. we lead our industry’s technological trends. Using the latest technology has gained us a competitive edge in the industry. Our in-house developed “Flex-GPS” technology enables us to use grade control on any piece of equipment in our fleet. This system is capable of functioning on both engineered and non-engineered projects increasing its usefulness. This benefits our clients by reducing survey costs and improves productivity making us up to 45% more efficient in earthworks projects compared to conventional non-GPS equipment. GPS grade control also increases safety by removing the number of individuals needed on the site. Our “Flex GPS” system eliminates the need for traditional ‘grade-stick’ surveying which reduces the potential of incidents.


Operating current equipment with GPS technology is not only beneficial to the client and worker safety but also the environment. Completing jobs efficiently decreases fuel consumption and harmful emissions reducing a project’s total environmental impact.